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of hampering Soul Memories
- with DNA Upgrades through Pyramidal Memories Transmutation
of unwanted intrusions or attachments
- with Shamanic Healing
unhealthy energy on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual
- with Music Therapy, also Counselling
confusion and disharmony in your life or relationships
- with Astrological Counselling and Inner Child work
fear and lack of direction
- with P.M.T. also Courses, workshops and Astrological Profiling




your health, beauty and physical transformation
- with free Diamond Water
your full potential and upgraded DNA
with Pyramidal Memories Transmutation
your future world with clarity
- with Astrological profiling and guidance
your open heart, free creative consciousness and connection
- with Fire Axe Activation or Music Therapy
your own inner Shaman, power and healing ability
- with Shamanic Workshop


I have participated in two retreats run by Leticia and Quinto, both held in a beautiful landscape in Spain. They are both open-hearted and generous in sharing their gifts and knowledge. We were immersed in nature, soaking up and working with all the elements. I left feeling blessed, enriched, lighter, brighter and truly connected. I highly recommend wotking with Quinto and Leticia, it's quite an adventure! Many, many thanks to both of you.
Ann R.
What a week! Beautiful through and through. How much healing can you have in one week? Guess again, then add two bundles of joy and wisdom and you are not even close to knowing how amazing is this place and experience. Deeply profound healing and learning has occurred allowing me to grow and learn such mystical and practical lessons. There is something very magical about this location, connecting to the spirits of nature in more ways than I could have imagined. Connecting to this spirit family and to my deepest self has been profoundly enlightening. To Leticia and Quinto I give thanks and love.
Teamo F.
I was feeling stuck and searching for my next step in life. This course has answered all my questions, and more, it has been mindblowing. Everyone on the course feels like family. With your help and advice, Leticia and Quinto, I have learned so much which I will cherish and use it to fulfil my truth and to help in the world.
Thank you both so very much, I am so glad I came to your Retreat.
Lee-Anne E.
I came to experience a retreat in the mountains of Spain, with an open mind and no expectations. This wonderful week has been truly magical, amongst the rocks, orange trees, elderflower blossom and lyrical birdsong. The teachings were a blend of experiences, activities and sharing. Leticia and Quinto are wonderful, wise and generous teachers and guides. Our food was delicious, plentiful and healthy. I feel grateful to have been a part of this group of amazing people and healers. I very much hope to return and continue on this path of discovery and enlightenment. Thank you.
Joanna H.
Thank you so much for this experience. It has really helped to shape me and to understand the parts of myself that needed healing. Staying in such a beautiful place. It has brought me back in touch with nature, to realise what I do and do not want from life. You have both helped me with so much and been so lovely to be around. Thank you for pushing me out of my shell, now I intend to let this lion roar! I am so grateful for this experience and all the lovely people I've met.
Danielle R.
This sacred land where Leticia and Quinto offer their teachings, provides a beautiful, safe and deeply connected space where we can grow and transform surrounded by love. It is truly wonderful and I will return.
Jean F.
I am so very glad I chose to come on your retreat and let myself be vulnerable. Leticia and Quinto, your profound teachings and this sacred space have enabld me to open my heart to be fully present and learn what I came to learn. I am feeling refreshed and alive, with happiness and love in my heart. I have promised myself to shine my light brighter and take care of my wounds in a loving and wise way. I will continue to self-heal and live my true soul purpose. I love you both and will miss living on your beautiful land and embraced in the love of your teachings. Thank you so much for everything.
Cheryl R.
This is my second retreat with Quinto and Leticia and it was as wonderful, even more so, than expected. We worked, learned and meditated immeresed in nature, the river, the mountains, the trees, the birds, the sea. I love to live simply, eat nutritious food, connect with what is real and with myself, and to learn things I didn't previously know. So this has been perfect. The shamanic experience offered me depth to my healing processand the wisdom from Quinto and Leticia just extraordinary.
If you are looking to reconnect and learn magical things, this is a great place to start.
Louise H.
I have attended two of Leticia and Quinto's Shamanic Training Retreats in the spectacular Alpujarra region Spain. The combined wisdom of these exceptional teachers would be hard to match elsewhere and their imparted deep and profound teachings have touched me deeply and awoken a loving spark that had been buried. Being immersed in nature with kindred spirits, delicious healthy food and so much learning, has been an absolute joy. I will use these teachings to enrich my life and work. Thank you Leticia and Quinto!
Diana C.


With intention and love we can raise one octave higher
the vibration of the planet ... cell by cell


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About Us
D.N.A Upgrade
Shamanic Healing
Talks / Workshops
Shaman's Drum