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The time for judgement is over
The time for isolation is through
The time of fear is leaving this earth
Its LOVE that will see us through
The time of separation is ending
We are going into the New
For we have awoken, our souls have spoken
Saying ‘Your are me…and I am You’

Diamond Water is here to help us upgrade and wake up, to go faster into our new and upgraded selves, to help clear unhelpful and heavy frequencies from our cells, our psyches, our energy and our souls of old. There is no more time now, this water is like a secret agent working behind the scenes.
It is water that has been *imprinted with intent by one of the glass encoders (5th dimensional technology explained under Pyramidal Memories Transmutation).
The way to imprint and thus change the water into diamond water was channelled by Joel Ducatillon, as a means to help humanity upgrade faster in these times of great change. And it is FREE to everyone. Even better, it can be easily and constantly reproduced from your initial bottle. It is recommended that this water be used in every way you can – for drinking, cooking, growing food, washing and of course gifting to rivers and lakes, etc. Joel says ‘when enough of this planet has received Diamond Water, it will be in our rain, our springs, our taps, our seas’.
The simplest way to use your Diamond Water is to pour a glass and hold this on your solar plexus for a moment, allowing the water to ‘read’ your body’s energy. As you hold it there have a pure intention. Then drink the water, which will now more easily work with your unique vibrational field and assimilate with your cells and energy.
The water goes in every cell of the body carrying its message of intention through love. The changes brought about by Diamond Water facilitate the release of hampering soul memories from the DNA.
Over time you will notice a difference in your body and your way of being, especially if you also take Pyramidal Memories Transmutation sessions to facilitate the clearing of old, outworn and hampering soul memories.
Comments we have received from regular users of Diamond Water are that they feel younger, lighter, more clear headed and more positive in general. When combined with Pyramidal Memories Transformation sessions, they talk of developing greater clarity, much faster resolving of old issues and as a strong realisatin that they are evolving and a much higher rate. What they find is that ego and materialism are giving way to love and connectedness, trust and positive flow, in their lives. They also notice the reactions of people to them have changed for the better, and that their families and friends are feeling better too.

*In the 1980s, research by French immunologist Jacques Benveniste showed that water has memory and later confirmed that the memory inserted into water could be digitized, transmitted, and reinserted into another sample of water, which would then contain the same active qualities as the first sample (rather like homeopathy). Also well known is the research by Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto, who was able to show by freezing water and analysing the crystals formed, that emotions and sound are able to change water by imprinting it with intent.

This extract from Joel Ducatillon's lecture tour is from the Diamond Water Book...

It was only a year and a half later (1997) that I received a channelling instructing me to create a little glass tube as simple as this

(Joel holds up the tube, see picture above) small and simply made by a glass-blower. This thing is a sort of artificial DNA of light.

Clear-sighted or visionary people can see in it spirals of light and there are geometries that are imprinted into it, as in DNA.
Of course, for it to be printed, I had to process the air that is contained in it, as well as energetically encode through geometry and mathematics.
The encoding work was long as there are approximately 900 codes.

When this system was created, I started to understand the dream I had received earlier, with the coded cards. Then I was inspired to play with numbers and to find answers. Numbers are the rhythms of space/time.
Of course space/time is an illusion and numbers as well, yet they exist as necessities for us still.

So you see within the tubes are coded cubes dodecahedrons, triangles, tetrahedrons and icosahedrons - rhythmic images of space/time, which manifest themselves in the dimension in which we live, and you can also see that these numbers are not here by chance - and behind each number is its vibrational sound.

As I am a musician, it was perfect, since the energy of sound vibration had been passing through me for 10 or 11 years. I was being given suites of numbers that I was transposing into music which I then played through the synthesiser (while being in the right space of receptivity and sacredness).

Thus stellar energies as well as other energies that I didn't know were recorded into the glass. I first had to put the tube into an oscillating circuit. Have you ever heard of the oscillating circuits of Lakowski? Lakowski had made experiments with copper circles, steel circles etc…when these bands were put around plants he observed that diseases were healed, and the plants would grow stronger.

The CERN (European Centre for Nuclear Research) laboratory in Geneva uses a particle accelerator, which is by chance circumference 27 kilometres. The number 27 is 3 X 3 X 3; the number of the quantum leap jump into another dimension. This is different from what we have understood or known before. Having made this oscillating circle (circumference 27 cm) I then chanted a mantra in front of the circle in suspension, with the glass tube at the centre of that circle. When I finished the mantra I noticed a light thread going out of the external circle, then going in towards the centre of the tube, then out again, perhaps a few hundred times per second. This created a sort of break at the level air inside the tube.
Some 40 % of the air in the tube then transformed into krypton. Krypton is a heavy gas that you can also find inside light bulbs as neon, argon or Freon, and it is a gas that holds sounds in memory.

Physicists may perform experiments on this by magnetic resonance but my duty is not to prove what I am doing but to transmit. I have no scientific base at all, no proof of what I am telling you, and I don't need to be right, so nobody need bother to say that I am wrong!
Once these tubes were made I had no idea that they would be able to effect water and change it to Diamond Water, though I was given some messages and some signs. I was told “It will perhaps be water…”.
It was not until October 1999 that I was instructed how to make the first “diamond water”. By now there were at least 700 codes inside my tubes, but I was not yet shown how to make the Diamond Water multipliable: apart from putting some drops inside water, with an intention, and drinking it.

That worked quite well and configured with the research of Benveniste and Emoto that water can be imprinted with intent. I was then invited in November to Paris, to explain this research to a group of people. They were all Jews studying Kabbala. I wondered why I had been invited there, why life was taking me there. It wasn't until 15 days later, after returning home, that it came to me I was also to use Hebraic language's codes.
So I obediently bought a book about Hebraic letters - “LeRoyaume de la splendeur” by Marie Ellia.
After reading it I started to go through calculations about these letters. 144 codes came out of this study... 12 X 12, which I then added to my system. It then became clear that when I put one of these tubes into water for about 12 hours I got a glass of diamond water that could be multiplied and shared with everybody.

From your original bottle of Diamond Water you can produce an endless supply.
Just put in a 1 litre empty bottle one tenth of a litre of Diamond Water then fill the rest of the bottle with spring water
(that is, add 90% spring water (or tap water) to 10% Diamond Water in a 90:10 ratio)
Simply leave this water for 24 hours and it will all have converted to Diamond Water.

You can repeat and repeat this procees as much as you like.
(its a good idea to keep hidden one small bottle of Diamond Water in case you run out)

Download the DIAMOND WATER BOOK in PDF format click HERE

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